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HORSEmanago is the best system that will help you comprehensievly
manage your stud farm. Try the demo-version!
Check what does HORSEmanago
have to offer to stud farm owners, instructors and riders.
a schedule of your stud farm available in one place for both instructors and riders. Allows each user to easily browse through the ride schedule in a very intuitive way.
Schedule a ride
the function allows to plan and manage trainings, send reminders about riding lessons, make riding proposals and make use of other functions that allow you to manage your stud farm much better.
Online payments
now you can easily settle payments with both your clients and instructors as well as automatically charge anyone, who does not show up for a ride without calling it off in advance. Launching season passes and granting disconts will surely save lots of time and help you attract more riders to your stables!
fast and intuitive way to check the number of hours worked by each horse. When selecting a mount you can check how many rides has the horse already had today, this week or this month.
publish all kinds of news about important events from the life of the stables on your Facebook profile. This function proves the fastest and easiest way of reaching users and inviting them to take part in new events.